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Due to my busy schedule, I probably wont be updating my comics quite as much, we'll see what happens and how often I can get them done.


A: Two comics in two weeks? Holy crap where do I find the time? So yeah, here I am again, with a little bit of old material, but oh well. For those who haven't heard the old news, Cookie Monster is now Broccoli Monster, and cookies are a "sometimes" food. Stupid people, making kids healthy, bah! I always liked Cookie Monster--but not as much as Oscar the Grouch.

In case anyone was wondering, I didn't get the internship, buuuut, it's cool, I didn't figure I would, but a man can dream. Maybe next year when I have a firm grasp on both LUA and Maya. Both of which are requirements.

Anyhoo, there ya go, enjoy!


A: What?! Another comic? What's the occasion? Nothing much, it's Spring Break at the old University of Oregon so I had a little bit of free time to make a comic based on a conversation that actually occured at the game store I work at, sans tackling. So yeah, Chandler's 20th B-day was last wednesday, the 19th, it's crazy to think that we started the comic when we were 17. Since the last comic, I have 1) succesfully moved from Bend, Oregon, to Eugene, Oregon in an Apartment with Chandler and two other friends. 2)Finished 2 terms at University of Oregon, studying computer science and digital art, 3) played through several games, including, but not limited to, Oddworld Strangers Wrath, Warcraft III and the expansion, Uncharted, Ratchet Future, and Portal. 4) gotten Chandler on WoW. 5) read through an entire book series about dragons in the Napoleonic wars (they all rock, starts with His Majesty's Dragon, read them now if you like fantasy and dragons) and 6) Switched jobs from a game store in Bend to the same chain of game stores in Eugene.

I also applied and got phone interviewed for a design internship at Insomniac Games, the best place on the planet, the interview went well I think, but the guy (Colin Munson, Lead Designer) said he has a LOT of other people to talk to, so I doubt I'll get it, but just talking to the guy who was the lead designer of some of my favorite games in the world for 20 minutes was cool enough.

That's it, until next time!



A: woot! I am back, sorta.

On the 16th of September I will be moving outta my folks' place and into an apartment in Eugene, Oregon with Chandler and two other friends. There I will attend the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!) as a sophomore and study computer science. Seeing as how I will be working plus schooling it will be hard to find time to work on this silly little comic of mine. I will still try to update as much as I can but sadly not as much as I used to. Sorry loyal fans.

Relating to the comic. I was very sad to find out that Lair was no good, but, like a pheonix, from the ashes of the game I had high hopes for rose a game that I cared little about before that turns out to be a super fun, addictive online bash known as Warhawk. Everyone is raving about this little PS3 gem and I can't wait to get my hands on it and play online with 3 of my friends on one PS3 (you heard correctly, 4 player splitscreen online!) Which should be amazingly fun. I just gotta figure out how I'm gunna afford it.

Until next time,


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